Heat Pump Džiovyklės apkrova: Apkrova 1-8 kg Energijos klasė: A++ Antialerginė džiovyklė su IonTech technologija


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Revolutionary drying efficiency
All heat pump dryers boast high energy efficiency. High end models rank in the A+++ energy class, saving 50% of energy compared to those in the A energy class. Gorenje A+++ class dryer with a capacity of 9 kg is unique in the market. Optimized heat pump in one of the largest drums in the world, with a capacity of 120 litres, can easily deal with major amounts of laundry. This is also made possible by the broader air channels. It also dries more gently than conventional drying systems. The temperature in the dryer is at the ideal 50 °C to prevent from overdrying.
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Tackling the allergies with ions
In SensoCare dryers, air full of negatively charged ions drys the laundry in a way that considerably reduces creasing of your clothes. The ionizer creates an environment free of most allergens, residues of smoke and pollen, and the electrostatic charge accumulated during the drying process. As a result, the clothes have a better smell and they are easier to iron.
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Sensor technology for safe operation
Smart sensor technology automatically controls the drying process according to the selected programme, type of laundry, and desired dryness of laundry. Efficient sensor communication prevents any errors and maintains the best possible laundry drying environment. The sensors also monitor all other parameters to reduce power consumption.


No more manual emptying of the condensate tank
Condensation dryer with the AutoDrain drain hose can be connected to your drain system to do away with the need for manual emptying of the condensate tank.


Largest and most efficient filter on the market
Gorenje has the most efficient filtering system in the world, providing 40% more efficient air filtering than conventional systems. It includes a special 3D filter installed before the condenser unit, a filter on the dryer door, and a filter in the drum. These filters catch even the tiniest bits of dust and lint from the clothes. After the drying cycle, the latter two filters are simply wiped.


Efficient drying of single garments
Efficient drying of single garments Gorenje dryers now allow to dry even one garment at a time. The advantage of the SmallLoad function is immediate drying of the clothes you need, without waiting for other clothes to be dried to pile up.


Softness sensation
Laundry dryers boast cutting-edge drying and crease prevention procedures. SensorIQ intelligent sensor technology optimizes the drying procedure and thus excellently preserves the laundry while keeping power consumption very low. You may choose between regular NormalCARE drying and the temperature-adjusted GentleCARE method. Programmes tailored to modern lifestyle and additional settings make sure the operation is safe and that your laundry is excellently preserved.
• SteamTech steam drying technology
• IonTech straightening the fabrics by an air ionizer
• TwinAir bi-directional air blowing system
• SensoCARE adjusted drying program
• Condenser dryer fitted with a heat pump A-40%
• Extra large drum volume 120 l


The door cannot be opened during the drying cycle
For additionall safety the control panel can be locked by simply pressing a button or combination of buttons.


Evenly dried for simple ironing
Soft, evenly dried, less creased laundry that is easy to iron, straight from the dryer. This is made possible by the bi-directional air blowing system which adjusts the air blowing direction to the direction of drum rotation using a special flap on the fan.

Simple control

Desired results in only three steps
Ergonomically designed control panel allows simple control of the drying process; the steps follow from right to left. Most commonly used drying programmes are placed on the left side of the control dial. Next to the dial, there is the section with additional settings such as delayed start of the drying cycle or drying at low temperature, supported by LED indicators and an LCD display. The control panel ends with the start and pause button on the left hand side of the dryer. Such design of the control panel allows the user a simple and friendly drying experience.


Gentle drying of delicate fabrics
Specialized care of the most delicate fabrics operates at a low temperature of 40 °C. A longer drying cycle is entirely safe and reliable as it protects your clothes from any deforming or damage.
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Techniniai duomenys

Energijos klasė: A -20 %

Spalva: Balta

Džiovyklės apkrova: Apkrova 1-8 kg


Būgno talpa: 120 l

Būgno apšvietimas: Taip

Didelė durelių anga: 35 cm

Durelių atidarymo kampas: 180 °

Reversinė būgno eiga


Asmeniniai nustatymai visoms programoms

Displėjus: Elektroninis valdymas su LCD ekranu

27 programoms

Nesiglamžymo funkcija

Antialerginė džiovyklė su IonTech technologija

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Perspėjimas, kad kondensuoto vandens talpykla pilna

Skaitmeninis ekranas, likusiam veikimo laikui rodyti

Vacuum feet

Drėgmės sensorius

Užraktas nuo vaikų

Nerūdijančio plieno būgnas

Energijos sąnaudos per metus: 217.9 kWh

Matmenys (PxAxG): 60 × 85 × 60 cm

Pakuotės matmenys (PxAxG): 64 × 91.5 × 68.5 cm

Svoris (Neto): 50 kg

Bendras svoris: 52 kg

Sąnaudos budėjimo režime: 0.5 W

Galia: 800 w

Nominali srovė: 10 A

nr.: 415086

EAN kodas: 3838942913785


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