Hob features

Smart ideas for effortless cooking

Not everybody is a trained cook. Gorenje took up this challenge and created a range of innovative cooking tools that help people achieve much more with much less knowledge, in much shorter time and with significantly lower energy consumption.

Induction hobs

Fast and economical
Induction hobs heat up twice as fast as gas cookers, which makes them comparatively more economical and safe. An induction hob only heats the bottom of the pan while the remaining hob surface stays cool and always safe to touch. Temperature is adjusted instantly, by a simple touch, limiting the danger of boiling over. With such a hob melted chocolate, sophisticated sauces and other temperature-sensitive masterpieces become just a simple task.
_products/features/icon - „PowerBoost Supreme“

„PowerBoost Supreme“

Nesijaudinkite, jei skubate
Modernią „PowerBoostSupreme“ funkciją galima rasti naujausiuose „Gorenje“ indukcinių kaitlenčių modeliuose. Ji pagreitina kaitlentės veikimą. 2 l vandens užverda per 4,2 minutes – taip ypač sutaupoma laiko.
_products/features/icon - AllBoost


Super power all over and at the same time
All SuperPower cooking hobs have the option to activate the PowerBoost on all cooking zones at the same time, plus the SuperBoost function on one zone, when needed. This gives significantly higher output power and of course great time savings!
_products/features/icon - XtremePower


A true power boost
The new generation of Gorenje XtremePower induction hobs offers incredible power! When the PowerBoost function is activate, high-performance induction coils made of state-of-the-art materials, and two cooling fans with double operating power will kick in to supply extra power to the hob. Thoughtfully devised electronic switching between cooking zones distributes the power between built-in inductor coils to enable cooking with the highest power setting on two cooking zones simultaneously!
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XXL paviršius dideliam maisto kiekiui
„XpandZone“ funkcija leidžia gaminti ant viso indukcinio paviršiaus. Kai įjungta „FlexInduction“ funkcija, įprasta indukcinė kaitlentė tampa „FlexInduction“ kaitlente. Sujungtas paviršius suteikia daugiau vietos gaminimui, galima uždėti 2 didesnius puodus arba kelis mažesnius.
_products/features/icon - „BridgeZone“


Paprasta schema ypač dideliems puodams
Indukcinė kaitlentė su dvejomis sujungiamomis zonomis supaprastina gaminimą dideliuose puoduose. Puikiai tinka ruošti žuviai su ryžiais ir daržovėmis.
_products/features/icon - FishZone


An oval cooking zone, perfect for wider pots
Induction and HiLight hobs have an expanded zone called a FishZone. When turned on, the traditional round cooking zone turns into a larger and oval surface that is especially suitable for wider pots.

Clever assistant, waiting for your directions

We all want to cook like professionals, impress our guests and serve healthy meals to our families. Usually, this means special knowledge or professional equipment. Gorenje hobs are designed as easy-to-use tools that enable everyone to cook with great results.

_products/features/icon - Stop&Go


Taking a break, anytime
The Stop&Go function stops the cooking and continues with the same settings after being re-activated.
_products/features/icon - StayWarm


Staying perfect for the latecomers
The StayWarm function keeps food at a constant temperature of 70˚C until the time is right to serve the meal. The food retains its original flavour and temperature until it is served.
_products/features/icon - SoftMelt


One, two, chocolate
The SoftMelt function gently melts chocolate or butter at a constant temperature of 42˚C, thereby creating perfect conditions for melting, without burning.
_products/features/icon - Timer


Somebody always on the watch
The countdown timer can be set for up to 99 minutes. If the optimum cooking time for a particular dish is known from experience, the timer can be set and the hob will switch off automatically when completed. A beep will signal that the food is ready.
_products/features/icon - ChildLock


The kitchen as a safe environment
ChildLock option is excellent for those who have children at home. Leaving them in a kitchen unauthorized has never been safer, since this option prevents them from resetting any parameters.


Boiling over as a forgotten problem
Automatically adjusts the operating power. After initially operating at maximum power, the cooking zone maintains the desired temperature to prevent boiling over or overcooking.

IQ sensor technology

New dimensions in cooking
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Owing to the innovative IQ sensor technology, the IQcook induction hob guarantees a fully safe and controlled operation with optimized use of energy. HOW DOES IT WORK? The hob offers five preset cooking modes. After selecting the most suitable cooking mode, the sensor installed on the pan lid is activated by a simple touch. Operation of the IQ sensors built into the cooking hob and in the pan lid, both checking the progress in the pan, is monitored by the cooking hob electronic circuit. Intelligent technology provides automatic operation and completely eliminates the direct supervision of the cooking process. By adjusting the cooking temperature, the IQcook cooking hob also optimizes energy consumption to afford substantial energy savings of up to 40%! IQ sensors are built into each cooking zone of the hob to allow the use of the outstanding IQcook function on all four zones simultaneously! If you accidentally place a wrong lid on the pan during cooking, IQ sensor technology will perceive this mistake and notify you with an acoustic signal. Cooking process will proceed without interruption. Patented SmartSense safety function prevents the food from boiling over or burning: if fluid evaporates from the pan, it will automatically switch off the cooking hob. Top-class IQcook induction hob can also be used in the conventional way, just like any other high-end induction hob.
_products/features/icon - „IQsteam“


Vitaminai išlieka
Kai maistą gaminate mažame kiekyje vandens, išlaikomi visi vitaminai, mineralai ir netgi natūrali daržovių spalva. Norite tikėkite, norite ne, bet paruošti 1 kg daržovių užtenka 0,5 dl vandens.
_products/features/icon - „IQpro“


Vaikiškai lengvas gaminimo maratonas
„IQpro“ pateikia paprastą būdą, kaip paruošti patiekalus, kuriuos reikia ilgiau gaminti lėtai šildant arba naudojant mažesnę pastovią temperatūrą. Puikiai tinka gaminant tokius patiekalus kaip guliašas.
_products/features/icon - „IQpoach“


Būtent ta temperatūra, kurios reikia
„IQpoach“ neleidžia maistui perkepti arba pervirti ir palaiko 71–85 °C temperatūrą. Maistas išlaiko savo natūralią spalvą, sultingumą ir skonį. Pagaliau galite paruošti puikius kiaušinius pagal Benedikto receptą.
_products/features/icon - „IQgrill“


Puikiai tinka dideliems puodams
„IQcook“ paverčia maisto kepimą ant grotelių ypatingai lengvu iš viso nenaudojant aliejaus arba naudojant jo labai nedaug. Pasigaminkite skaniausią ir sveikiausią ant grotelių keptą mėsą.
_products/features/icon - „IQboil“


Iš puodo neiškrenta nė lašas
Vanduo gali greitai užvirti ir išlikti pastovios temperatūros neištykštant nė lašui vandens per kraštus. Galite išeiti iš virtuvės, atsipalaiduoti ir žiūrėti televizorių.

Gas hobs

Innovatively designed Gorenje gas hob burners optimize the flame to allow faster cooking and ultimate efficiency of the use of gas. Gas is always combined with air before it actually reaches the burner, so the use of gas and control of flame are considerably better than in conventional burners. Burners are cast as a single piece, which considerably simplifies cleaning.
_products/features/icon - Cast iron grids

Cast iron grids

Great looking, stable and durable
The cast iron grids improve the stability and enhance the appearance of the gas cooker. They are made of a material that makes them particularly durable and resistant even to the highest temperatures.
_products/features/icon - Didelio našumo degikliai

Didelio našumo degikliai

našumo degikliai
Visuose naujuose „Gorenje“ dujinių viryklių modeliuose įrengti žymiai patobulinti degikliai, 69 proc. veiksmingesni nei ankstesni.
_products/features/icon - „WokBurner“


Originalių Azijos patiekalų skonis namuose
Gilios keptuvės degiklis keptuvę įkaitina labai greitai, todėl kiekvienas labai lengvai gali pasigaminti Azijos virtuvės patiekalų.